Here's our range of hardware including temperature control mods, mechanical mods, standard wattage mods, tanks, rebuildables, drippers and batteries etc

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Cabin Drops

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  • Capella Flavor Drops

    Here's the range of Capella Food Flavor Drops as used in most of our recipes. Here you can purchase the raw ingredients for use in the recipes

    Diacetyl, acetyl propionyl etc info on these http://www.capellaflavors.com/a-p-status/

  • Perfumers Apprentice...

    Here's the Flavor Apprentice range of food flavourings from Perfumers Apprentice. These are very strong, concentrated flavourings and test should be done before making up a batch. 

    Diacetyl, acetyl propionyl etc info on these


  • Simply Leaf NET Tobaccos

    Our pure 100% NET Solo Aroma tobaccos are made in the most natural way possible and contain NO additional flavourings. NET stands for Naturally Extracted Tobacco and captures the earthy sweetness of the raw leaf. These NET's are manufactured in Yorkshire. More information is available at http://www.simplyleaf.co.uk

    Pure NET Tobacco

    The Solo Aroma denotes that this is made from a single batch of leaves and not a blend and so ensuring consistency of flavour.

    All of the NET's are listed in this main category but to help guide you I've also split them down in to groups. Cigarette tobaccos, pipe tobaccos, cigar tobaccos. With cigar tobaccos I've broken it down firther in to individual elements such as fillers, binders and wrappers as well as some cigar blends I did myself.

  • Juice Cabin Concentrates

    Here's our range of food flavour concentrates for our own recipes. These are the flavourings that give your recipes that something special. Available in all sorts of flavours good for all manner of uses including cooking at home & sweet making