Here's some accessories for use with your flavourings and or sauces etc that you make. Useful items like clear PET bottles with nozzles allowing the dribbling of sauces in an artistic way over your creations!

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  • Base Liquids

    Here's the e-liquid base materials which are PG (Propolene glycol), VG (Vegetable glycerin AKA Glycerol), nicotine concentrate in either PG or VG with 72mg of nicotine per ml

  • Lab Bottles & Glassware

    Here are some fab quality lab glass ware ideal for use with juice mixing. These can be used over and over and can be autoclaved (sterilized) at 120C (dishwasher safe)

    These are Simax Glass Reagent bottles and feature scale measurements up the side and a removable anti-drip ring around the neck

  • Sterile Syringes

    Here's our range of sterile individually wrapped syringes. These are ideal fore measuring your VG and PG as well as nicotine concentrate and flavourings.

    Each syringe is individually wrapped and are sterile

  • Misc

    Here are some essential supplies for those who like to DIY. Here you can get sterile syringes, dropper bottles, test tubes, test tube racks, drip tips and a range of other useful items.

  • Nicotine

    This is the 72mg nicotine for our trade customers. Available as VG or PG based


    To save you time I out together a few 'kits' for the shekits. These include all you will need to make a 120ml, 250ml or 500ml shekit

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    Here are some 10ml flavour enhancer shots including, sour shots, sweet shots, menthol shots and ice shots. These are intended for you to sweeten up an existing juice, sour one up or ice one up with ease. Just add a few drops to a bottle of liquid and test as you go until you reach the desired effect.

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