Pure NET Cigar Solo Elements
Here are some of the Solo elements required to make the perfect cigar blend. Select your chosen fillers, your binder and your wrapper for the perfect vape.

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  • Cigar Fillers

    Cigar fillers are the heart of a good cigar and there are typically 3 filler varieties used per cigar. Select your fillers from our range of Solo single variety filler NET's

  • Cigar Binders

    Cigar binders are the second layer in the cigar and are intended to wrap those 3 filler leaves together in a tube/roll. This tobacco is usually a little lighter than the fillers

  • Cigar Wrappers

    Cigar wrappers are the final layer in a cigar and it's the bit you can see. This leaf is usually finer than the fillers and the binders and are usually perfect leaves with no cracks or veins. They bring a genteness to cigar.